#yourmobilityvision interview: Vieran Hodko, Head of Business Development, ONOMOTION

Here is the eight interview of our series #yourmobilityvision


#yourmobilityvision is all about showing what the mobility of the future looks like by introducing companies, people behind them, researchers and institutions operating in our truly wonderful sector. 


In this interview we are talking to Vieran Hodko, Head of Business Development at ONOMOTION.


What is your company’s vision and how do you embrace it in your everyday doing?

ONO aims to create new and purposeful solutions that better our communities and inspire people around the world to transform urban mobility. We embrace it by empowering our team to create and implement these needed innovations that connect communities, businesses, and individuals.


What is the core business of your company?

Offering and implementing a new category of emission-free, urban vehicles along with a panoply of connected services. We currently cater to the B2B logistics segments: CEP (courier, express, and parcels), eGrocery delivery as well as service vehicles and mobile workshops for micromobility companies, institutional and private entities.


What is special about your company? What are the aspects you are particularly proud of?

We have taken a modern approach to a complex problem. Instead of telling or guessing what the market needs, we co-developed our solution with some of the most important logistics companies along with smaller, up-and-coming ones. The vehicle was also produced with Tier 1 automotive partners, an industry first, for maximum reliability and durability. I am particularly proud of having 86% of our pilot customers converting to paying customers and many becoming ambassadors for our solution.


What is the impact you would like to have on the mobility of the future?

We want to pave the way towards better and safer infrastructure, enabling new modes of transport that are more fitting to today’s needs. We want to prove that green logistics is not just good common sense but at scale, more economically viable and way more flexible than what is predominant today.


Are there synergies between different actors of mobility for developments on infrastructure?

We have recently launched a white paper on logistics trams, in collaboration with Porsche Consulting, EIT InnoEnergy, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Hermes International GmbH and HÖRMANN Gruppe on the rehabilitation of cargo trams for logistics delivery. The objective here is to clear the roads and optimize the existing systems of cities for greener logistics. We want to be able to share our data with cities to improve infrastructure and will host a webinar on the subject on Mar. 26. All participants will receive the white paper after the event.

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