#yourmobilityvision interview: René Braun, CEO & Co-Founder, RYDES

Here is the tenth interview of our series #yourmobilityvision


#yourmobilityvision is all about showing what the mobility of the future looks like by introducing companies, people behind them, researchers and institutions operating in our truly wonderful sector. 


In this interview we are talking to René Braun, CEO &  Co-Founder at RYDES.


What is your company’s vision and how do you embrace it in your everyday doing?

Our mission at RYDES is to democratize company mobility and make it sustainable. Our daily work therefore consists of building a platform that enables companies with the ability to offer all types of mobility to all employees. 


What is the core business of your company?

The core of our business is to allow companies to provide their employees with a monthly budget that they can use for various mobility services. These include car and bike sharing services, e-scooters, shared taxis, and public transport services. The different mobility providers are integrated into the RYDES app and users can use the app to book their trips and manage their budget. All journeys booked through RYDES are offset automatically and therefore CO2 neutral.


What is special about your company? What are the aspects you are particularly proud of?

It is special about us that we live the mission we are working on. We are all lovers of shared and sustainable mobility paired with the motivation to break down and change traditional employee mobility. 

We are therefore proud that we have managed to include CO2 compensation not as an add-on product, but as mandatory for all customers. RYDES is only available with CO2 offsetting and not without. 


What is the impact you would like to have on the mobility of the future?

Our goal is to finally enable companies to switch to modern mobility concepts. If we become the driver of this development, we will have reached the first milestone of our journey. In the long-term, we want to play the essential role in reducing the carbon footprint of employee mobility. Only then, have we been truly successful.

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