#yourmobilityvision interview: Florine Von Caprivi, Chief Revenue Officer, ViveLaCar

Here is the fourth interview of our series #yourmobilityvision.


#yourmobilityvision is about showing what the mobility of the future looks like by introducing all those companies that are working on it.


In this interview we are talking to Florine Von Caprivi, Chief Revenue Officer at ViveLaCar.


What is your company’s vision and how do you embrace it in your everyday doing?

Our vision for the car subscription is on the one hand to create an attractive and flexible mobility experience that can be tailored precisely to the personal needs of the driver. On the other hand, we offer brand dealers the opportunity to offer an innovative sales channel and become a subscription provider themselves. We firmly believe that driving should be fun. That is why we diligently work on the easiest subscription experience for our ViveLaCar partners and customers by creating the ultimate customer experience and strong partnerships.


What is the core business of your company?

The ViveLaCar subscription service closes the gap between leasing and car rental. Every ViveLaCar subscription vehicle is owned by the authorized car dealership. ViveLaCar combines the end customer’s demand for flexible mobility with the car dealer’s supply of inventory vehicles and thereby ViveLaCar transforms the dealer into a subscription provider.

Without a fixed term and with only a three months‘ notice period, the ViveLaCar subscription can be terminated at any time. In addition, there is maximum flexibility in terms of mileage, since the mileage package can be adjusted monthly, free of charge and to match the actual needs. ViveLaCar’s flexible subscription includes a completely paperless process and a monthly all-inclusive rate that includes all costs except for fuel. 


What is special about your company? 

ViveLaCar’s key success factor is its asset light business model. ViveLaCar does not own any vehicle, yet is able to offer new and young used ones once owned by the licensed cars dealerships. We believe in the importance of a combination between digital sales, e-commerce, and the physical customer support at the point of sale. Especially for a complex product as a car, an expert to explain all features and functionalities is crucial for customers. Despite an easy and purely digital booking process, the importance of a personal touchpoint for questions all around the car, questions during the subscription and for the vehicles return to the dealer will always be required by customers in this industry. Therefore, we support the car dealerships digital transformation without neglecting the personal touchpoint. ViveLaCar creates a WIN-WIN-WIN situation for car dealerships, customers, and car manufacturers. 


What is the impact you would like to have on the mobility of the future?

ViveLaCar still considers car dealerships to play a key part in the future of the automotive branch. Therefore, ViveLaCar combines the stationary dealerships with the changing requirements of the market and simultaneously cover current interests of customers. We want to provide a flexible access to mobility on demand without any long-term obligations and therefore ensure the car to fit its customers mobility demand. This ensures maximum freedom to the subscriber. By facilitating an easier access to green mobility (such as electric vehicles), we also improve the transformation from conventional powertrains to environmentally friendly ones. Furthermore, ViveLaCar reduces overproduction by utilizing the already existing inventory stocks. Driving a car must be fun and that’s a mission we believe in. 

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