#yourmobilityvision interview: Enrico Howe, Founder,

Here is the third interview of our series #yourmobilityvision.


#yourmobilityvision is about showing what the mobility of the future looks like by introducing all those companies that are working on it.


In this interview we are talking to the industry expert Enrico Howe, founder of ​​.


What is your company’s core business? is a research and consulting platform for the smallest shared mobility mode – moped sharing. The aim of the platform is to educate about the market, inform about research in the field & offer a data- and insight-based moped sharing consulting portfolio to market stakeholders.


What is’s vision and how do you embrace it in your everyday doing?

Moped sharing has a huge potential due to strategic advantages to other mobility modes. therefore works to raise awareness for the industry. Visibility, wide accessibility of research info and free of charge content is key to achieve this. Additionally, following the industry’s development and evaluating the key trends is crucial for the coming years. Therefore, I provide guidance to different stakeholders – for industry-internals such as operators, suppliers and vehicle manufacturers or to industry-externals such as individuals, academia and press.

Based on the conducted research, different clients of the shared mobility industry are supported to understand the market and improve their products. The portfolio ranges from market research and business development to product testing and user research.


What is the status of the moped sharing market today?

Moped sharing was first introduced in the US in 2012 and moved to Europe quickly. Europe has always been the biggest market since then, but moped sharing spreads across the globe. In the past years, it had huge growth rates. Today, it accounts for more than 105,000 mopeds in 22 countries and more than 120 cities. Cities such as Barcelona, Bangalore or Milano can’t be imagined without local services anymore.

If you want to learn more about the market I encourage you to read the latest version of the Global Moped Sharing Market Report, check out the Global Moped Sharing Map or browse the quarterly industry reports.


How do you envision the moped sharing market in the coming years?

The coming years will be defined by strong volume growth, service integration across the mobility industry and extended regional coverage. The number of globally available mopeds in sharing services will continue to rise significantly. More new operators will start and moreover, existing mobility operators from outside moped sharing will continue to expand into the moped game. At the same time, moped sharing will become a more integrated solution. All shared modes and most importantly public transport will increasingly grow together. Users will have the chance to easily choose and switch according to their needs. MaaS services such as Berlin’s Jelbi will be key to this development. Finally, regional expansion will bring the service to new country and city markets. Compared to higher investment and operational costs of car sharing for instance, moped sharing brings the chance to also bring motorized shared mobility to smaller cities and rural areas. An important step in transferring our mobility system.


What impact would you like to have on the mobility of the future?

I’m convinced that moped sharing will not stay the smallest shared mobility sector. My aim is to increase awareness and market knowledge to optimize and speed up the learning curve. Enabling new startups and existing stakeholders to grow and flourish is key to my work. Together, the sector can increase the relevance of moped sharing in the mobility sector, with a decreased carbon footprint, a smarter use of public space and increased user experience. 


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