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#yourmobilityvision interview: Daniel Brauer, CEO, stadtmobil Berlin

Here is the second interview of our series #yourmobilityvision.


#yourmobilityvision is about showing what the mobility of the future looks like by introducing all those companies that are working on it.


In this interview we are talking to Daniel Brauer, CEO at ​stadtmobil Berlin​.


What is your company’s core business?

stadtmobil Berlin, as well as the entire stadtmobil group, is involved in the business of stationary car sharing. In Berlin vehicles can be rented in four different sizes or type classes, and can be picked up at a fixed location or at a pre-defined zone, where the car also has to be parked after the rental period. stadtmobil group stationary car sharing is available in eight different German cities.


What is special about your company?

An important aspect is certainly that we were not founded by a corporate and were then placed in a given city. The origins of stadtmobil come from a former association that ran under the motto “share a car in the neighborhood”, and stadtmobil Berlin was born as Berlin company. We are locals and the direct contact to customers is very important to us.


How do you see the stationary car sharing business in the ever-changing mobility context?
It is definitely an important pillar. In 20 years time, we will no longer see the mobility that we still practice today. Private transport will certainly change completely and sharing vehicles are an increasingly important factor in this change process.


What are the hurdles you face and how can they be overcome?

There are always obstacles in daily operations. One is the unsatisfactory situation regarding the parking fees for car sharing vehicles or high parking space rents. We are working on this together with politicians and the Federal CarSharing Association.


How important are climate protection and new technologies to you as stadtmobil?
To us it is very important. However, we are dependent on the current developments in e.g. the battery development. We are also under considerable economic pressure and implement what makes sense to us. Currently we are increasing the proportion of hybrids in our fleet.


Electromobility or hydrogen: do you see any trends in the car sharing business?

From a technical point of view, and above all due to the cost factor, we are currently working with electric cars. These can also be variants such as hybrids. But here we benefit from the experience of the German-wide operating stadtmobil group. For example, stadtmobil Karlsruhe is operating one hydrogen car and a fleet of Teslas.


What are the aspects of stadtmobil that you are particularly proud of?

In the stadtmobil group we have the courage to be local. That means that in Berlin we provide car sharing solutions tailored to the needs of the Berlin market. This applies to the fleet, the prices and the service.


How would you describe the cooperation between your company and Ben?

We are very happy about the cooperation with Ben. We effectively work together by means of direct and professional contact. With Ben we are continuously working on interlinking our work processes.


What impact would you like to have on the mobility of the future?

With our company we would like to contribute to the development of climate-friendly mobility, still continuing to ensure individual transport solutions.

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