Interview with Julien Jung, A.T.U store manager

We talked to Julien Jung, A.T.U store manager in Munich Parsdorf about his role, his special store and the collaboration between A.T.U and Ben.


Hi Julien, so what do you do and what does the company you work for do?


A.T.U is a company that provides customers with various services for cars. A.T.U has more than 530 shops in Germany and we offer our customers all necessary repair services for their cars such as changing tyres but also selling a wide range of products such as car care, transportation equipment and e-bikes.

I am the store manager at A.T.U Parsdorf, which means that I am responsible for all processes that take place at my store. Furthermore, I act as a project manager and here I am responsible for testing new ideas and services in a „real“ environment and not just on a whiteboard. 


Is there anything special about A.T.U Parsdorf?


Yes, it definitely is. A.T.U Parsdorf is A.T.U’s “laboratory of the future”. We test new services and products here before they are being implemented in all other A.T.U locations in Germany. Our focus is on a very special customer experience, which aims at making shopping comfortable and as easy as possible. As soon as you enter the shop, the difference to regular A.T.U shops becomes apparent: our shop is painted completely in black. The dark walls and shelves create a unique atmosphere that differs from usual car service shops.

In addition, our shop is highly digitalized. We have various monitors that guide our customers through the shop which has more than 400 square meters. Customers can order digitally, such as the „Click&Collect“ order function for picking up goods in the shop or „Click&Delivery“ for products being delivered to their respective homes. The shop has also an attractive lounge with a waiting and working area which is ideal for business customers to use their waiting time effectively. Customers can also test a variety of electric bikes and we integrated a sustainability area that provides information about our environmental activities.


What is the collaboration between A.T.U and Ben about?


First of all: We are quite excited to partner up with Ben. Our collaboration is quite simple as we integrate the services of Ben in our processes. Let me give you an example to make it clear:

When a customer orders her or his car to be e.g. checked, the person can book the services of Ben along with it. In the further process the customer gets two services while having to come to our store for only one service. In our example the car would be cleaned by team Ben right after the car has been checked by us. That way we can offer our customers a new and additional service resulting in an even better and holistic customer experience. We are excited to see the feedback from our customers and to possibly roll-out the collaboration with Ben in more A.T.U branches.


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