#yourmobilityvision interview: Matias Møl Dalsgaard, Founder and CEO, GoMore

Here is the fifteenth  interview of our series #yourmobilityvision


#yourmobilityvision is all about showing what the mobility of the future looks like by introducing companies, people behind them, researchers and institutions operating in our truly wonderful sector. 


In this interview we are talking to Matias Møl Dalsgaard, Founder and CEO at  GoMore.


What is your company’s vision and how do you embrace it in your everyday doing? 

When we share our cars with each other, less people need to own a car. It’s that simple. Or at least it should be. At GoMore, we help make sure it is. 

GoMore is a Danish peer-to-peer carsharing platform, and the Nordic region’s leading business in the sharing economy with 2.7 million members across Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Spain. Our platform offers private car rental, shareable leasing and ridesharing, making it convenient to share cars your way.

That’s how we help people give up car ownership and reduce CO2-emissions from car production, make better use of the existing resources and take better care of our planet. That is our vision, and everything we do is about inviting people to join our journey towards making mobility sustainable. 


What is the core business of your company? 

Cars are by far one of the most underutilised resources in modern life. The average car only carries 1.3 persons at a time and spends more than 23 hours per day taking up parking space. As the production of a single car emits many tons of CO2, this begs a need for better use of cars. Making the mobility return measure up to the CO2-investment in each single car.

At GoMore, our business is to make sure that it is convenient for everyone to share cars. 

With private car rental owners can rent out their car to neighbours when it would otherwise be parked. A car with GoMore Keyless sharing technology installed can be booked, unlocked and locked all through the app and without having to hand over keys. Keyless cars are on average being shared between 12 families every quarter.

With our leasing concept you can have your own car and rent it out when it isn’t in use. The same goes for companies, homeowner associations and other communities. Like that, leasing costs and climate footprints are reduced.

With ridesharing you can share a ride with nice people heading to the same destination. It’s the most social and efficient way to use cars.


What is special about your company? What are the aspects you are particularly proud of? 

We especially take pride in having established a community of 2.7 million people that help each other share cars and take better care of the planet. Our platform enables our members to interact, rate each other and build trust. 

Good things happen when you bring people together, and there are lots of great stories from GoMore-members. Members have landed job interviews on GoMore-rides, some become friends with the people they share cars with, and some have even started families after meeting through GoMore. 

That sense of community, whilst being part of a movement that revolutionizes car ownership, is something special to us and something we try to nurture. 


What is the impact you would like to have on the mobility of the future? 

We want to continuously develop our carsharing concepts to accommodate the needs of private citizens, housing associations, businesses and others, enabling as many as possible to give up car ownership without compromising mobility. 

If we wanted to, we could already halve the number of cars in major cities today just by being better able to share them. We have made sure that the infrastructure for sharing and reducing car ownership is in place, so a great part of our continued journey now is to make sure that everyone knows about the critical need for sharing cars.

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