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#yourmobilityvision interview: Jorit Schmelzle, CPO & Co-founder, Peregrine.ai

#yourmobilityvision is all about showing what the mobility of the future looks like by introducing companies, people behind them, researchers and institutions operating in our truly wonderful sector. 

In this interview we are talking to Jorit Schmelzle, CPO & Co-founder at Peregrine.ai.


What is your company’s vision and how do you embrace it in your everyday doing?

Our mission is to empower teams to build a safer and more sustainable mobility ecosystem for all. We embrace this by really striving every day to create products that make state of the art computer vision technology – otherwise only known from high-end, self-driving cars or robotics – accessible to every business that is somehow connected to our mobility and urban ecosystem and that would strongly benefit from technological innovation. In other words: giving broad, intuitive and inexpensive access to break-through technology.


What is the core business of your company? 

We understand ourselves as a product driven technology company. Hence at the core, we develop a powerful software and technology stack. Then we are creating products on top of that and licence out parts of that stack.


What is special about your company?

Our team! I am very proud of being able to work with such a driven, diverse, talented and experienced team! It is inspiring to see what a group of individuals that believe in the same goals and are highly motivated can achieve in the shortest possible time, while having tons of fun and learning a lot from each other along the way. 


What are the aspects you are particularly proud of?


Of course a big reward for every creator and entrepreneur is to see that the products and technology you build with your team do have an impact and are widely adopted. We can proudly say that we receive very positive feedback from users, customers, investors and that our products are being adopted, used and do have a strongly positive impact on the problems we are tackling with them.


What is the impact you would like to have on the mobility of the future?

We want to make technology accessible to the whole mobility ecosystem – not just exclusively to high-end cars or a selected few, but to everyone and to every business. Only then will our roads be significantly safer and only then will we be able to really tackle the sustainability aspect to ensure an impactful future for mobility.

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