Ben joins Wunder Marketplace

We are thrilled to announce that we are part of the newly launched Wunder Marketplace. Before going into detail, let us first briefly introduce our partner that set up and manages the marketplace:

Wunder Mobility is a mobility technology company providing end-to-end services to create a connected ecosystem of sustainable mobility. They are building the future of mobility by offering various mobility services such as: software for MaaS providers, analytical tools for cities and they even offer their own sharing-ready, electric vehicles.


What is the Wunder Marketplace about?
The Wunder Marketplace is all about extending mobility services and is directly connected to Wunder Mobility’s stable and scalable platform. It provides customers with a tool to find their individual mobility solution. This is done through the integration of various partners in the marketplace that offer services needed for all topics related to mobility. The partners’ service offering encompasses the following areas:

  • Engaging with customers
  • Optimizing fleets
  • Analyzing vehicle performance

And last but not least, our field of expertise is also covered:
Improving the maintenance of fleet vehicles.

Thus, the Wunder Marketplace helps you to kick off your mobility operations, grow your customer base and improve the maintenance of any fleet.


What is Ben doing on the Wunder Marketplace?
At the core of our everyday doing is our vision:

“Enabling the mobility of the future”.


As the Wunder Marketplace is a great tool to support companies in shaping the mobility of the future it is a logical step for us to offer our services right there. That is why we are extremely happy to offer all customers on the Wunder Marketplace the full range of our on-demand services required for the care and maintenance of any fleet vehicle.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you want to learn more about our cooperation with Wunder Mobility or the Wunder Marketplace.

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