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How one company aims to guarantee 100% fleet readiness


Our Founder and CEO Axel Kalisch talked  to The CEO magazine.


First of all, what is the mobility of the future?

The mobility of the future is shared. It’s the sustainable answer to increasing mobility demand paired with decreasing interest in ownership. Shared mobility solutions will be flexible and heterogeneous (different types of fleets, such as e-scooters) to suit customer demands and different usage types – no matter if a dedicated company fleet or public mobility solution.


What are the challenges for new mobility solutions?

The biggest challenge for all new mobility providers is maximising the utility of their vehicles (especially sharing providers), thereby maximizing revenue. Besides marketing to attract more customers, this can be achieved by reducing the down- and idle-time of vehicles, thereby ensuring fleet readiness. This is exactly the challenge Ben is solving for its customers.


How do you solve these problems?

We offer any services needed to ensure the fleet readiness of vehicles. These are on-the-spot services like cleaning, charging of any type, refuelling, smart repair as well as relocation services. Fleet monitoring also plays an important role, especially for those providers blindly managing their fleets out of their offices. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we solve these problems while focusing on quality, flexibility and fairness towards our employees.


What is your vision for the company?

With our disposition software solution, we guarantee in-house efficiency and also offer an API connection to the existing systems of our customers to lower administrative costs and further reduce down- and idle-times. Predictive servicing via data analysis will soon enable us to offer a monthly subscription to our customers ensuring 100% fleet readiness at all times. While developing and putting in place these processes, we greatly benefit from the mobility ecosystem of our investor Baloise Group.

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